From where one can get IRS forms and publications

In the olden says all taxpayers used to get tax packages through post which contained relevant forms and information regarding filing tax returns. Things have changed and now move at much faster pace. Electronic media, more specifically internet has gained importance. The things which use to take weeks to complete can now me done in minutes if not seconds. IRS has kept pace with time and now offers most of the information and solutions to tax filing through their official web site. Though electronic media has overtaken the traditional media by far but still they both coexist. Following are the ways through which a taxpayer can get various IRS forms and publications:

  • The first choice is obviously internet. This medium is the fastest, open 24 X 7 and provides all the required information for almost free of cost. One can get all the tax forms and various publications of IRS on their official web site.
  • Assistance Centres are operated at 401 locations around America by IRS where one could just walk in can get all the desired information including various forms and publications.
  • During a tax season often various forms and publications are available nearest post office, community centres and large retail stores.

You can also choose the more traditional medium of requesting tax forms and publication through post. You can contact IRS through their toll free number and order your copy of any publication or form.

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